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Manuscript evaluation
You’ve written a book — congratulations! Whether you plan to self-publish or submit to agents, a professional evaluation provides valuable advice on where to focus your editing efforts.  

We’ll discuss your main concerns before a thorough review of your manuscript. Our comments will focus on strengths and weaknesses in plot, dialogue, setting, characterization, research, and other elements of good storytelling.

This service is most effective when the manuscript has a solid foundation, but changes are still easily incorporated. 

Flat rate fee $750 

Developmental editing

Developmental editing, also known as substantive or structural editing, shapes a manuscript into an exceptional written work. We often look at early drafts or expanded outlines, but we help authors improve manuscripts at any stage.  

Technical and Non-fiction Manuscripts

We focus on content and organization with a close look at how information is conveyed, and whether added tables, graphs, and images might improve reader experience.

$50 – $80 per hour

Fiction Manuscripts

We focus on storytelling with a close look at plot and subplots, timelines, flow, and characters.

$40 – $60 per hour
Stylistic Editing

Stylistic editing focuses on clarity and flow at the sentence level.

We edit carefully, to retain an author’s unique style while checking that the voice, tone, and mood match the content. We also eliminate wordiness and suggest substitutions for jargon, clichés, and biased language.

Technical authors partner with stylistic editors to create a clear, logical presentation of complex topics.

Fiction authors who have been told that they need to “show not tell”, or to use active voice will find stylistic editing particularly beneficial.

$40 – $60 per hour

Copy editing

Copy editing, with its focus on the mechanics of writing, is what editing means to most people.

Here we polish a manuscript through careful review of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. We also deal with permissions, bias, accessibility, and fact checking.

In technical materials, we check every formula and table entry, and we confirm that graphs, maps, and other images carry complete and accurate labels and key information.  

For all authors publishing in their non-native language, we ensure correct Canadian, American, or British spelling and usage. 

This is detailed, time-consuming work. We must be consistent and accurate, but flexible and nimble.

  • We read every document at least twice because it helps us find more errors. 
  • We work with the most appropriate style guide for your project, which might mean the Chicago Manual of Style, CSE, APA, Microsoft, or another standard. And we always incorporate your unique preferences.

The cost of a copy edit is based on the level of editing, from light to heavy, and its complexity. 

Technical Manuscripts

$50 – $80 per hour

Fiction and Non-fiction Manuscripts

$30 – $50 per hour

$3 – $5 per 250-word page (fiction)


Layout & design

For our editing clients publishing in-house manuals and reports, we offer layout and design services.

We work closely with you to turn your vision into reality. Using our expertise in writing and publishing tools, such as Adobe InDesign and XML, we create print-ready or digital documents for your company.

$60 – $100 per hour



Proofreading gives a manuscript its final polish before publication.

We review your manuscript for minor spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors missed during editing, which may be all an author needs or requires.

But proofreading is the final opportunity to confirm the content and layout of a manuscript matches your expectations.

We confirm that all expected content is included and in the right place and that all copy edits have been made.  

All visual element details and captions are checked and elements such as hyperlinks, cross-references, footnotes, and indexes are verified.

As we work through your manuscript, we also check that formatting has been consistently and correctly applied. 

Proofreading costs depend on the complexity of the manuscript.

$30 – $50 per hour

$1 – $3 per 250-word page (fiction)



A good editor is your partner

We provide the right editing to meet your unique project needs.

You may need an hour or two of development or stylistic editing for a particularly tricky section of your manuscript, and a light copy edit overall. Or you’d like us to design the chapter layout of your text book or manual before you get started.

Let’s start a conversation about your project and how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

can't I edit my work myself?

You absolutely can and should edit your work, but there comes a time when it’s impossible to find your own mistakes and editing tools only go so far. A fresh look by a professional editor can be invaluable in creating clean copy. 

is working with an editor expensive?

It can be, if heavy copy editing is involved. But generally, if an author has self-edited their work, the cost is affordable. We’ll provide you with an accurate quote before we get started, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

how long does an edit take?

Good editing takes time. While a journal article copy edit might take just a few hours, a full-length fiction manuscript might take 4-6 weeks. Every project is unique, which is why we ask to see your manuscript in advance. Once we estimate how long your edit will take, we will propose a firm delivery date.

Can you squeeze in a rush journal article edit?

We’ve been there! If we can handle the job without compromising our current clients, then we’re happy to help you meet a tight deadline.

I don't follow all of the grammar rules and I don't intend to. Is an editor going to force me to rewrite?

We admire authors who break the rules, and we won’t ask you to change your style. What we will do, is bring your attention to sentences that don’t quite work, and let you decide whether a change makes sense.   

Can you guarantee there won't be any errors after the copy edit or proofread?

No. Even the most experienced editor can fail to spot a missing word, a typo, or a punctuation error. That’s probably not the answer you were expecting, but we believe in honest communication. What we can guarantee is that your manuscript will undergo at least two rigorous editing passes designed to make it as error free as possible.

i need to create a technical manual but I don't know where to start. Can you help?

Absolutely. Whether you’re at the idea-stage or you’ve collected a stack of materials, we’ll partner with you to create a well-designed manual. 

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